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ENDURO Sun 10 Jun 2018

MOTOTT Fun Enduro 2018 Results

The clubs annual post-TT event was held under clear blue skies and strong sunshine that beat down on the already bone dry club land at Carnagrie. 
With no rain for weeks, not one puddle or even soft ground anywhere on the land the event was always going to be a hot and dusty one.

The format was 3 races the first being a warm up 1hr adult race followed by a 40min kids race followed by an extend........

ENDURO Mon 7 May 2018
ENDURO Sun 8 Apr 2018
ENDURO Mon 2 Apr 2018

Western Enduro Rescheduled

Western Enduro Rescheduled to run Sunday April 8th 

ENDURO Sun 25 Feb 2018

Dalby Enduro 2018 Club / Centre Rnd 1 Results

Southern MCC Dalby Enduro 4th Feb 2018 Centre/Club Rnd 1