Dalby Enduro Club / Centre Rnd 1 Results - 4th Feb 2018

Southern MCC Dalby Enduro 2018 Centre/Club Rnd 1 Dalby Mountain Enduro Results 2018.

Huge thanks go to Jonny Massan and family, Hogg Rescue, DEFA and all timekeepers, marshals and helpers.

Dalby Enduro Club / Centre Rnd 1 4th Feb 2018

Entries are now open for Southern MCC Dalby Enduro 2018 Centre/Club Rnd 1 which will be held on Sunday 4th Feb 2018 starting at Carnagrie with special tests at Dalby Mountain & Cringle Plantation.

Supplementary Regulations are can be found here: Dalby Regulations.

2018 Championship Regulations can be found here: Championship Regulations.

Entry List

2018 Championship Riding Numbers .


SMCC Dates 2018 Trials & Enduro

Dates for the 2018 season are available here SMCC Events 2018 this includes dates of the Manxduro to be again British Enduro Championship round.

Dates are provisional but should be unchanged going forward.

SMCC AGM 2017 Thursday 7th December

The Annual General Meeting of the Southern Motorcyle Club will take place Thursday 7th December 2017 8.00pm at Carnagrie

Any member who has questions to be answered on the night or apologies for absence can be emailed to info@southernmcc.com. Written questions will be answered just prior to the oral questions at the end of the meeting. The fire will be lit however warm clothes would be advised.

Any club member wishing to stand for election to the commitee should notify the existing committee in advance in writing or by email. Presently there is a need for a solo trials committee member to aid with events.

Awards not collected at the annual dinner will be available for collection on the evening.

Club dates for 2018 will be available at the end of the meeting followed by some complimentary food and refreshments. Once the meeting has closed 2018 membership will be due. ACU licence codes for 2018 will available.

Annual Prize Presentation 25th November 2017

The SMCC Annual Prize Presentation will take place at the Claremont Hotel Douglas 25th November 2017 - 7.30pm (sharp) a change of venue so please attend to keep this great tradition going.
Tickets are £20 and available any committee member and also from Road and Track. You can also email info@southernmcc.com

Menu for dinner, please send email to info@southernmcc.com with your choices !

Awards will be presented for the 2017 SMCC Trials, Sidecar and Enduro Championships. Live music and dancing with BunchaSkankas late bar plus Derry Kissack what more could you want!

Any competitors with awards please can you get them to a committee member or to Fayle Safe security Windsor Road, Douglas (near The Terrace). Any awards to be collected please contact Graham on 485719

Enduro Centre Rnd 6 SMCC Championship

Final round of the Smcc club enduro Championship took place on Sunday October 8th at Ballamoar campsite.

With tests Ballaugh plantation and grassland at Kerroo Moar near Ginger Hall kindly provided by Mark Oates.

Enduro Round 6 Northern Enduro Results

SMCC Club Enduro Championship Final positions

ACU Centre Enduro Championship update

Tour of Mann - Results ATR Sidecar Classic

Results from 30th Sept / 1st Oct

On Day 1 penalties for the following checks were not included in the final penalty calculation as the allotted time in the schedule was too tight.

Checks: 1 2 5

Tour of Mann - Final Instructions

Start location will be arrowed from Ballaugh Bridge

All riders to attend briefing at 9am on Saturday and 8:30 on Sunday

Start times:

Saturday Sept 1st 9.30am

Sunday Oct 1st 9am

No bikes to be run before schedule start times

Start schedule will be displayed at signing on and numbers supplied to be fixed to front and sides of machine

Sign on Friday night 6-8pm at Ballamoar, Saturday 7.30-8.45am Ballamoar

Machine examination: 6-8pm Friday and 7.30am – 8.45am Saturday

Park ferme will not be in operation for this event

20mph signs must be obeyed around the course. The greenways and plantations are public rights of way, please take care and slow down and be respectful to your fellow humans, horses, dogs and wallaby’s.

The course is approximately 75 miles with 2 laps on Saturday and 1 ½ laps on Sunday Fuel truck to leave Ballamoar at 9am each day to take fuel to the carnagrie special test, this is 55 miles on the course

The course passes fuel stations at Ramsey and Foxdale for additional fuel as required

Special tests day 1
Special test will be run at Ballaugh plantation and carnagrie, map to their location will be at the start First lap - both tests will be untimed, sighting laps Second lap - Ballaugh test will be timed, carnagrie will be timed for two runs through ‘back to back’.

Special tests day 2
First lap Ballaugh test will be timed, carnagrie will be timed for two runs through ‘back to back’. Second half lap Ballaugh test will be timed.

Refreshments will be available over the weekend, meals purchased on Saturday night will qualify for a prize draw.

Tour of Mann 2017 All Terrain Rally

With just over 12 days to go to the Tour of Mann 2017, Sept 30th / Oct 1st, event information for new visitors to the event and the Isle of Man.

Signing on is from 6pm - 8pm on Friday 29th September at Ballamoar Campsite which is our base for the weekend. The campsite has fantastic facilities, great shower and toilet blocks, electric hook up and a kitchen area. The start and finish for both days is from Ballamoar. The Raven pub is just around the corner from the campsite and the shop isn't much further. We have a marquee at the campsite which will be providing food and drink throughout the weekend. There is a meal deal in the marquee for the Saturday night, and all riders, passengers and marshalls who partake of it will get their names entered into a prize draw.

The lap will be 60-70 miles in distance, consisting of greenways, forest tracks, open moorland and some roadwork along sections of the TT course. The lap passes 2 fuel stations, we will also have a fuel dump next to the 2nd special test. A fuel truck will carry your fuel to the 2nd test. Saturday will be 2 laps, and Sunday 1 and a half depending on weather conditions. The first lap on Saturday will be untimed.

More information will be released in the final instructions next week.

Event Regs and details and Entry Tour of Mann - All Terrain Rally Sept 30th / Oct 1st

SMCC Centre Enduro Round 6 / All Terrain Rally Sunday Oct 8th

Enduro championship postions update. With 6 rounds gone 3 to go (only one SMCC round left).

Enduro Championship Update

Next event Tour of Mann - All Terrain Rally Sept 30th / Oct 1st

SMCC Centre Enduro Round 5 Sunday August 6th

Centre Round 5 of the Isle of Man Centre Enduro Championship took place at St Johns Old Railway car park. With special tests at Eairy Beg plantation and the much anticipated 'megatest' at Ballaspit used for last weekends multi-lap Quad enduro.

David Knight was first into Eairy Beg plantation and had the task to set the line for the following field. Main rival Danney McCanney was able to make good his pursuit and to the fastest time taking an 8 second advantage.

Next the field moved to Ballaspit farmland at the summit of Slieau Whallian. The previous weekends quad enduro organised by Manx Grass and Sand Club was doubtless the longest test ever used in a local enduro. The nearly 6 mile route wound both sides of the valley making maximum use of the land with switchbacks and chicanes and a newly created bridge over a deep gulley. The course was truely a credit to the designers and markers.

David Knight took the reigns on this open and flowing grassland with a lap 22 sec faster than McCanney. Third on the initial run was Juan Knight only 14 secs behind Danny.

The conditions were perfect with sunshine and a cool breeze but that was due to change mid morning. All classes returned to St Johns and repeated the 2 tests once again. Rain arrived at midday and given the severe hills at Ballaspit the test was abandoned after each class had been round twice.

Overall it was David Knight with now a clean sheet of wins the year from Danny McCanney and Juan Knight with UK extreme enduro specialist Sam Winterburn in 4th.

Clubman Ashley Kelly made good on his recent boasting to take a win by 30secs from Sam Corlett and Will Duggan. Championship leader Stuart Storie retired early and was unable to complete the event throwing the door open to the shy and quiet Kelly.

Veteren 50+ were down a few riders and it was Stephen Corlett who took the win from Gary Flowers and Robert Quayle getting ready for the ISDE. This may be a decisive round in the championship with all to play for after championship leader Chuck Bregazzi finished 4th.

Sportsman is about 1 woman this year. Saskia Baxter was in a class of her own fastest on every test taking the win from collegue Chris Beaumont and welcome return for Stephen Farrell who returned to riding after injury. Unfortuntely Farioli's return was marred by a big crash at the start of Ballaspit's descent. Stephen unfortunately 'did an Oatesey' which is wiping out the backend of a borrowed bike and leaving the owner and yourself with a big repair bill.

Huge thanks go to Mike Kerriush, Matt Thorpe and all the quad boys for the mega test at Ballaspit, Landowners Themla at Ballaspit. DEFA. Timekeepers, Mr and Mrs Clague. Course markers Chris Madigan and Pete Clague.


Next event Tour of Mann

SMCC Centre Championship Update After 4 Rounds

Isle of Man ACU Centre Enduro Championship standings after 4 rounds, lowest scoring round to be dropped.

SMCC Club Championship will be awarded on round Rnds 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6

SMCC Club Championship Update

Manx Cider Company Endurogasm! Saturday 8th July

The annual SMCC Enduro Trial and club social was held at the weekend July 8th. Competitors couldnt have had better weather with strong sunshine and hardly any wind despite Carnagrie's exposed position.

The size of the field for the Hare & Hounds enduro was a little disapointing a clash of dates with music festival and a change of dates didnt help the entry. Reduced in time by 30mins from the original 3hrs due to the medical cover being delayed due to Nobles hospital roster problems. Just prior to the start Juan Knight had to rush back to the van to change son Thomas's spark plug after his Gas Gas machine fouled the plug on the start line. So a additional 2min delay was incurred with no penalty to either Knight. First round on the opening lap was Husqvana mounted Chis Madigan fresh from his recent Ertzberg assault with Gas Gas riding Juan Knight 10 seconds behind next was new firefighter Craig Mcgee, Ryan Neild, Tom Knight, Peter Kermeen following on behind.

Steadily the rest of the field came through each with more and more mud covering bikes and riders and more importantly numbers. Riders were getting stuck in a boggy section that course marker Craig Norrey had included. Competitors were helping each other over a low hedge with a very muddy rutted run up and little change of making it over unassisted. Slowly as the laps ticked off the bog was removed once everyone was suitably tired out.

At the front Madigan pitted and handed the Huqvana over to its owner Matty Skillen but Juan stayed out for another lap giving himself and partner Stephen Corlett a lead to defend. The 2 pairs exchanged blows over the course of the day by halfway point there was only 6 seconds separating the 2 teams. At the flag it was Madigan/Skillen who took victory from Knight/Corlett in an exciting last few minutes.

Solo Ironman class was initially lead by Jordon Corkill but he was overhauled by leading clubman Stuart Storie who won the class. The finish order was Storie with 17 laps from Jordon Corkill and leading 50+ rider David Salkeld.

Iron Woman class was won by Demi Maclaren who did very well to record 4 laps, Jackie Hewson was 2nd Iron woman. Saskia Baxter rode the event partnering Mark Turner riding very well she was 10th on the opening lap ahead of some previous male clubman champions.

Teenagers class was comfortably won by Tom Knight and Curtis Grose completing 16 laps.

Flapper class had 3 entries Sam Corlett retired but continued on a modern machine, so Tom Dawson took victory from Joe Coulson with 11 and 10 laps respectively despite the latter hammering an allen key into his C90 chassis as a make shift footrest!

Endurogasm Results

Clerk of the course Bob Clague would like to thank Hogg Rescue Ambulance crew, course markers Craig Norrey and Ashley Kelly, Jack Collins and Alan Heath. Travelling marshals who earned their burgers. Catering staff Becky and Tom Leach, Helen Beaumont for manual backup lapscoring,

Trials Results

Southern MCC - Centre Round 4 TT Enduro

Provisional results are available here.

Thanks to all helpers and timekeepers. Report to follow.

Ramsey MCC - Centre Round 3 Sulby Claddaghs

Ramsey Motor Cycle Club are holding round 3 of the Isle of Man Centre Enduro Championship on Sunday, May 21.

The event will be centred on Sulby Claddagh, with a 9 for 10am start, and will feature a figure-eight loop with tests in Tholt-y-Will and Ohio plantations.

It will be the usual format with fewer laps and tests for the sportsman and clubman.

Entries will be taken at Tynwald Hill Inn, St John’s on Thursday, May 18, between 7.30 and 9.30pm.

Alternatively, entry forms are available at Juan Knight's garage in Sulby and entries will be accepted there until 5.30pm next Thursday.

All bikes must be road legal.

MAY DAY H&H Enduro Multi-lap fun

Signing on evening Wednesday 26 th April at Tynwald Hill Inn, St. Johns - 8pm

The SMCC May H&H Enduro will now run on Monday May 1st at Carnagrie, this is due to a clash of dates with the Cyclefest which meant road closures around the South of the island.


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2018 Trials & Enduro SMCC Events

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Dates for the 2018 season are available here SMCC Events 2018 this includes dates of the Manxduro to be again British Enduro Championship round.

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